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Jeder Krieger hat einen Namen... und sie werden alle für Dich sterben.

Battle Realms™:Winter of the Wolf


CHATLOG vom 20. Novemer 2002:

[ Darkam04]: Ok, I'm now starting "moderated mode" on this channel. Only Mr. Del Castillo, Volkan and myself will be able to speak in this channel now. Please send me your questions now in personal messages and I will display them so everybody can read the answer.

[Darkam04]: I will give, each time, the name of the sender.

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: sorry, just catching up.

[Darkam04]: I know that you have many questions to ask, but first I will let Mr. Del Castillo introduce himself for those of you who don't know him yet.

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: how can I help this process?

[Ubi_Volkan]: np Ed. Take your time :)

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: Hi, I think you all know me, but I'm Ed Del Castillo. Pres. of Liquid Entertainment. The folks who did Battle Realms and Winter of the Wolf. wooo hooo
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: :)
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: what now?

[Darkam04]: Splendid : ) . I'm Darkam, the Community Manager for the French official website of Battle Realms ( And Volkan is the Community Manager of the US website

[Ubi_Volkan]: howdy

[Darkam04]: Now everyone click on my little name and send me one (at a time please ;)) question that he want to ask to Mr. Del Castillo

[Darkam04]: (alecThunder): 1. We all know BR had some multiplayer bugs which made online play a rather furstrating experience. Will the new game (that is being developed now) have public online beta testing like WarCraft 3 ? 2. Are you considering investing more ressources in improving the actual WotW online experience, remove oline bugs etc. ?

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: 1. Absolutely. Open beta is in the plan for the new game (btw really sorry that I can't say anything about it but Black Label is REALLY strict)
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: 2. I didn't want to bear bad news but I'd rather be honest with you guys. I don't think that Crave will be putting more money into the Battle Realms line. I would very much like to do another BR but Crave is out of the PC business for now.

[Darkam04]: (SERAPHRowen): Ed you mentioned the team was being split into two. What will be the roles of each team?

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: What we want to do is take some people from team 1 and use them as seedlings for the second team. the first team will stay about 2/3 to 3/4 the same, and we will hire people to fill their ranks. The second group will form the "hub-culture" and work ethic for the second team and allow it to maintain the "liquid way" of thinking.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: the first team will stay on our current project...
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: and the second team will move off and work on one of the opportunities that's currently in the works.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: i can keep going on this if you want.

[Darkam04]: ([LoN]Kamikaze): Will there be a special edition of the game with a huge box and cool stuff like a poster?

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: are we talking WoW or the new game?

[Darkam04]: (KamiKaze) The new game

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: probably not for WoW but boy do I hope so for the new game. ;)
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: It has that kind of potential
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: I can't wait for you guys to hear about it. It's gonna be soooooo cool.

[Ubi_Volkan]: I'm excited

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: We just got the wind model in last night, and all the trees are moving asynchonously, and there's sooo much cool new stuff we're doing.

[Darkam04]: (Zorroze) In WOW, what new tactical effects will the new environments have on play?

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: sorry, i know that this is supposed to be a Wow chat.

[Darkam04]: eh eh ;)

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: Caves became our puzzle level environment in Wow. We really played around with growing our engine so that we could start thinking about RPG's and diablo style games. Although it doesn't fully manifest in the expansion, it is a sign of things to come and did allow for a different style of gameplay than you were used to in BR...

[Darkam04]: (SERAPHRowen): Ed, on a rating of 1-10 how satisfied were you with BR? What would you change if you could go back?

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: Snow, was originally made just to provide another backdrop for players with the units moving a bit slower, etc. There's so much going on in BR with the terrain already that some people were overwhelmed, so we purposely tried not to go too crazy, although the next time you see snow from Liquid it will deform and crunch under the units leaving trails and furrows.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: BR without a doubt is the favorite of all the games that I worked on...
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: even though it didn't sell as much as C&C or Red Alert, I and the team really put our hearts into BR and I have never looked back.

[Darkam04]: (CthulhuKid): Why did you add the anti-tower units? They seem to really prevent people from building a strong defense.

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: Everytime I see the box on the shelf it fills me with pride. I just booted it up last night again, I I'm still really happy with it.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: Towers...
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: After BR there was a public outcry that even though the tower building was limited, it was still too powerful. Being that BR was always about offense over defense, we added the units to prevent turtling.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: i'll try to remember to put an x at the end when i'm done. :)
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: x

[Darkam04]: Thanks Ed ;)
[Darkam04]: (CthulhuKid): The units in Battle Realms were really intelligent, and I liked how they reacted. A lot of newbs seemed to have a hard time with that. What are your thoughts?

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: that's a big one...
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: like Kohan, I think BR takes a bit of getting used to.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: when we designed the system...
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: we really wanted to bring more real world simulation into how the units would react because we were really tired of what we thought was the "dumb" way that most RTS units deal with threats (ie. just stand there and die)..
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: we also wanted to add a bit of high drama by having the units run at each other. All of these were noble intentions, but I think that there are 2 reasons that some newbs didn't go for it...
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: 1. Unit Control - You need to know what you can and can't do in BR for the units to feel good rather than for you to feel like you're fighting them. I think lots of people would rather have their units just stay there and get hit if that's what they told then to do, even though it's not how they would react in the real world.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: 2. Unit Control ;) - especially new people, want to be able to do what they want, when they want. We were trying to put a more realistic combat model where if you were better than your enemy, you could actually control his units just like in the real world. this turned out to be a very advanced concept. for the future...
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: ...we've been working on a system to give the feeling of more control without removing some of the 'living world' stuff we were doing. some changes include...
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: 1. if the unit autoruns, he won't lose stamina.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: 2. more ability to retreat your guys out of combat.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: 2. smarter targeting and weapon use.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: 4. longer combats so that players feel they have more time to react.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: 5. larger line of sight for all units.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: 6. line of sight which exceeds attack radius. (this is a purely RTS thing. in BR sometimes you can't react to enemies in time, the next game will give you more time to see the enemy and decide if you want to fight him.)

* Darkam is looking for the "x" ;)

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: 7. (experimental) the new game will allow you to choose fog of war (see the terrain but not the units unless you're there) OR shroud (see nothing until you uncover) which will also change battel dynamics. x sorry. x
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: i just get into this. x

[Darkam04]: (kariminho): WoW will includes flyings units?

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: there are no flying units in Wow. When Liquid does flying units you will see units that have altitude control, not just the hovering at a set distance above the ground that you see in other RTS's, and as you might imagine, altitude control is hard.x [Darkam04]: (alecThunder): Is there a possibility to give Battle Pack testers tools so they can manage the balancing for WotW themselves (the results would have to be approved by Liquid of course), instead of depending on a few persons at Liquid ? The community has enough ressources to keep WotW updated.

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: I'd never thought about it. That's a really cool idea. Let me talk it over with the tech guys.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: x

[Darkam04]: (Zorroze): What's your favorite unit among the new ones brought in Winter of the Wolf?

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: The Digger. he's got a lot of life, and he's funny to watch.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: x

[Darkam04]: (SERAPHRowen): What other genre's have you considered with the BR world? I know BR2 has been discussed. Anything else? Like a MMORPG, FPS, RPG? What do you think the odds are that a future publisher will pick up another BR universe game?

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: I love the BR universe. we've thought about another 2 RTS's, an RPG, and 3rd person shooter/slasher. and even a fantasy sports game based on Wolfball, the sport that the wolf Clan plays. We've also thought about a movie and a cartoon series... and of course, a MMORPG. Don't worry, you will see another BR game. You may have to wait a bit, but you will see it.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: x

[Darkam04]: (KingKong[UJ]): And what's your favorite clan?

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: from a gameplay standpoint its the serpent. i like the flexibility that their battlegear gives me. from an entertainment point of view, the wolf clan they are awesome fun to play. i have to be honest though, when I started i loved the dragon, and then i loved the lotus. in the office i think the majority of the players like the lotus though. there's nothing like that feeling of doom the other players get when Zymeth com
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: x

[Darkam04]: And the fiiiinal question(s) : (alecThunder): 1. How many Battle Packs will follow after the Wotw expansion ? 2. Will there be a Lotus Expansion ?

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: really tough question. sorry ubi-guys. i don't think you're gonna see another expansion after this one for a while. Ubi and Crave have decided not to do another BR. Maybe you could petition them. ;)

* Darkam try to hide somewhere ;)

[Darkam04]: A little one to finish : (Huitre[uj]): Is it possible to give a litlle sdk, like Hl or quake, with wow for make new units, new singles mission or new battle gear?

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: on a lighter note, if they did decide to do it, we have the idea for the Lotus expansion already...
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: we created lots of backsotry for this universe. even more than what i created for C&C.
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: x
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: I'm gonna talk to the tech guys and see what we can do to support you. (it will probably be very technical if it happens, since all of that data must be synchronous on all machines playing.)
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: x
[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: sorryx

[Darkam04]: eh ehxxxx
[Darkam04]: I think that it's time to end our little chat now. A big thank you to Mr. Del Castillo for coming and of course thanks to everyone for your participation ! You will find a log of all this chat on the officials websites of Battle Realms.

[Ed_Del_Castillo01]: cool. if this allows, i can hang out for another 15 min if anyone has something they didn't get to ask.x

[Ubi_Volkan]: Thanks everyone


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